Thursday, June 2, 2011


I'm fusing these two for the sake that one was short and the other didn't happen.

Monday was a quick day as Karim's hand was busted up from sparring with one of the child-pros (thumb caught on a push kick or something). So it was stepping drill with punches, elbows and knees.

Two rounds of shadow boxing, with corrections for form and combination choice. Main focus was correct use of knees in combinations, and the fact that the right arm and leg should be 60+% busier than the left (again, southpaw). We worked on a jab-teep-knee combo, all with the right leg.

At the bag I was allowed to go "free style" for two rounds with only minor adjustments from Karim, which felt nice even if my bagwork sucks the air out of a vacuum. Double kicks from both the left and right were introduced and they are really, really fun, though I did sort of really bang up one shin.

I gassed again at the bag though and this really seemed to bug Karim (especially because I just straight up stopped from a cramp in my side). So, while I rested he had me put my hand up and started kneeing me "gently" in the stomach, pushing me back until I hit the edge of the mat and called "Uncle". He then had me turn sideways and kicked me "gently" in the stomach. After 3 I doubled over and took a knee. He then massaged my stomach both where he kicked me and where the cramp was and it was another round of bagwork.

Afterwards we tried to do mittwork but (as sort of karmic revenge) I gave a good cross to his hurt hand and that ended that. So we worked on blocks for a round then just did half-hearted grappling and swapped stories of our favorite MMA fights/moves (I showed him harai-goshi and osoto-gari as well).

Wednesday I was a day of miscommunication. I arrived a little early and no one was at the gym. After returning home and calling him he told me "I'm at the Stadium" (he meant Gym/School). After another 5 minutes of confused conversation Wed's class was moved to this Friday (today).

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