Sunday, August 7, 2011


So, it's been a bit (you should see my other blog)... for which I apologize but it's mainly due to my not having trained in at least a week or two, and only one other time since before my last post so I have a bit of a situational update for the readers:

My trainer Karim is looking for a new camp to train me at. The hours at Ajarn Somboon's place are terrible as I'm only now training on Sundays for a few hours (this has wrecked the few strength and cardio gains I've made since starting, even with a 5 day a week run/situp/traditional-Thai-version-of-hackiesack-volleyball routine).

I haven't trained because Karim and I are always busy on the weekend and really don't feel like doing much training when we should be with our girls on a beach somewhere, y'know? I mean, it is fucking Thailand after all.

I've had two sessions since my last post on the weekends and they went down pretty much as drilling what I know and some sparring. My technique is turning to shit with the odd hours I'm having and my stamina is even worse. I told Karim about my personal scheme and he approves but also noted that I'm "Still weak" with a worried frown.

We've been sick to boot so since those sessions I haven't done any running (though I might try a run tomorrow as I've signed up for a 10k at the end of next month on Koh Samui) which is bad. Hopefully we'll be fully recovered with a new gym by next week and back into the swing of things. When I trained 3 times a week I really felt a steady progression from absolute n00b to novice in technique, even if my strength and stamina still lagged far behind.

I hope for any lingering readers (I can't imagine any after this hiatus) will take this as a sign of hope and continue reading and helping me out as I try to keep this lifestyle that I've chosen (and had to struggle to keep).

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